Abundance is Our Birthright

All abundance comes simply, effortlessly and profusely through God, for God Is the only Power and The Infinite Source of All Abundance. It is as simple as that. In the language of God, there is no “I, me, or my," no arrogance, no taking credit for your accomplishments and no self-validating. In the language of God, All Glory goes to God at all times. When you fully comprehend the significance of what you just read and then put this philosophy into practice you will never lack for anything again.

A few examples: “I went to India,” instead of God provided an opportunity for me to go to India. “You should see my house” instead of “you should see the house that God has provided for me. Another example: someone may say to you “You are a great athlete!” “Thank you for your compliment, fortunately God expresses athletic prowess through me.” Instead of saying to someone “you are beautiful” try “God expresses incredible beauty through you” or “the beauty of God shines brilliantly though you.” This emphasis on phraseology may seem really nit picky to some, but it takes conscious effort and practice to change our way of thinking and communicating in the language of God. That, and remembering to include God in everything. Once you really understand that there is no “I, me, or my” only God, all the abundance of heaven will open up for you.

People read or hear this and heartily agree, but do not truly believe it or else they would implement this philosophy into their lives. They cannot grasp the idea that happiness could be so simple and easy to attain. For many of us, our human conditioning teaches us that success, abundance, happiness, and even love, is all conditional and must be worked for and earned. This is simply a belief system and not true. The Creator knows what is in your heart and wants you to live your dream to the absolute fullest, denying you nothing, that is why you were given this gift of life.

Why Are We Here?

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you” - Matthew 6:33

We are all on this planet to love and glorify God. We do that by living in our own unique full expression of God’s Greatness, cherishing the earth, its creatures, and serving humanity, that is the why we are all here.

To love is to release God’s unlimited storehouse of golden treasure.

Do You Live in Man’s World or God’s World?

As God is Infinite on All ways and without judgment if your life is “not working,"  then clearly there is a “disconnect” within you, not God.

Many who live in mans' world that are doing, doing, doing under the guise of spirituality are really just in deep fear and trying to control their lives - as if they could. What they are actually creating, or magnetizing, is more fear and control, mistakenly thinking that they are the source of their power and have the power to create. Such behavior is a form of arrogance. For there is only one power in the universe, the Absolute One, the Infinite Source of All, the Unlimited Supply - God. God is the Infinite Source of All Things; being the Infinite Source of All Things also includes being the Infinite Source of benevolence, compassion and love. Do you really think for one second that That which created you in Absolute Perfection wants anything but absolute perfection, joy, happiness, and fulfillment for you?

If your life isn’t working - then look carefully at the motivation behind your choices.

Which world do you live in? Do you live in mans' world where we are taught that love is conditional and that everything is earned? That you must work hard for success, respect, happiness, pleasure and even love? Or, do you live in God’s world where abundance, grace, bliss, ecstasy, blessings, expansiveness, beauty, generosity, and love is a natural way of life and infinite in their expression?

Remember that planet Earth is a material plane, a planet of “right action." Whatever you think about, focus on, or do is what you get more of. Every thought, word and action sets in motion certain vibrations that go out into the world, in ever-widening circles, until they compass the universe. Then they return as they went forth, to the one that sent them.

As previously mentioned the single most important key to opening to your abundant birthright is to love and glorify God by living in our own unique full expression of God’s Greatness. One way to achieve this is to love yourself at all times, in all ways, let every choice be founded in love - just as you are created in love it is important for you to live in complete expression of that love.

Stepping Out of Fear

Everytime we step into fear we are disconnecting from God and pushing God away by our action. God knows our hearts and wants us to have everything our hearts wish for. God does not punish or withhold, for God is perfect and perfection cannot contradict itself. It is not He who is not answering our prayers, but us disconnecting from His Light.  

Though abundance is our birthright and our very nature there are still many people in this world struggling with abundance issues. Since the huge success of “The Secret” several years ago many people got busy writing affirmations and intentions, creating vision boards, attending “The Secret” Groups, Meetings, and Clubs, visualizing their dreams, and trying to make “it” happen in every way they possibly could. These are all life affirming and positive tools and if that is how they would like to use their time then that’s great. However, why not just go directly to the Infinite Source of All and simply open your heart and ask for what you want?

Many people have mastered all the latest new-age jargon and brag of how they are creating this and that, yet to the casual observer their life's reek of control. Every action screaming to the Universe “I am the one in control.” Remember this in a Universe of “free will” which means that your Creator will allow you the freedom to spin your wheels your whole life, or even life after life, if that is what you choose. However, make no mistake until you completely surrender to the will of God you will continue to struggle and feel that the world is against you. If and when you do finally surrender, God will not only provide all that you need -and more than you ever dreamed - but carry you every step of the way. That is what God wants to do, that is our birthright and God’s plan. There is only One Power, the Infinite Source of All Things - Our Lord. How do we activate or open to this power - by surrendering to the will of God.

The Practice of True Gratitude

What does this mean? How does this look? It means that each day with the waking breath mindfully begin your day by saying thank you for everything you can think of, and to the best of your ability continue to acknowledge every single blessing throughout the day. It is like using a new muscle at first, but quickly becomes a way of life. Most people do not have the energy, desire or interest in this kind if devotion. They are far too busy doing, doing, doing - that is why so few on this plane have evolved to illumination. Just remember, it is only through losing “self” that we find God.

Another fun thing is to practice a daily check-in and think of how many blessings you have received that day versus how many you have created for others.

"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” - Coach John Wooden

Give something - add a touch of grace wherever you go. Be a living, walking testimony to the Glory, Selflessness and Light of God. This is especially important when you are feeling contracted and in fear about money, love, or health. Simply go out and seek out ways to give - pick up trash, compliment a cashier, give out quarters to homeless people, empty your drawers and cabinets and give away everything that you don’t use or need. Become a smile millionaire and give away smiles everywhere you go, help people cross the street, volunteer to sing at senior's centers, visit children’s hospitals, hug a tree, affirm a stranger. Just give and give and give in any way that you can and the “giving” will become a way of life – you will become abundance - you will become love. This is God’s law.

To love, help and support each other in every possible way is how we fulfill our human destiny and collectively raise global (Universal) awareness. It all begins with you.

“Humanity is your business.” – “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens

Picking up Trash

A very simple way to create abundance is picking up trash. If you have no money and are contracted with fear, then get your mind off of yourself and go outside and pick up trash. Turn a negative situation into a positive situation. Most people walk by litter and don’t even notice, others say I will pick it up later and don't. Consequently, the trash never gets picked up and instead builds and builds. The earth is a metaphor for our human body. This is your earth your home - love her, respect, honor, and cherish her. Try your best, from this day forward, to pick up trash whenever you can and watch what happens. The abundance that follows will amaze you - but don’t do it for that reason alone, do it because this is your home and this is your way of not only loving and caring for your home, but keeping your home beautiful.