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Baking Soda and Vitamin C Protocol
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Baking Soda and Vitamin C Protocol

A PH Balance is everything.

PH stands for ‘Percentage of Hydrogen’.
PH balance is very important to the well being of the body.
Drink lots of free flowing water.
Your blood try’s to maintain itself at 7.0 to 7.2 pH levels.
If we eat the proper diet according to our blood type our pH should not go out of balance.
High doses of Vitamin C chelates out all non-essential minerals and metals, allot of our foods now contain metals due to pollution.
Real Vitamin C is ascorbic acid; it only comes in powder (Crystal) form.

What many people do not realize or are not told is that Real Vitamin C is PURE ACID and must be buffered, so the body will absorb it.
Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda, is a buffering agent, & can be processed to contain trace minerals to help maintain the body’s pH longer.

Most health food shops sell calcium ascorbate, this is not Vitamin C.
Real Vitamin C is in crystal form and is ALIVE & helps restore the body’s pH Balance.

You need to find l-ascorbic acid crystals; this is REAL Vitamin C.
Manufactured under very strict conditions to ensure that the life force is still there after the process of making Vitamin C is complete.
You will not get enough Vitamin C from orange juice, or Rose Hips tea, to fight off ANY disease in the body. Orange juice is TOO ACIDIC for most stomachs. Disease begins in an ACID environment.

Never use the 'drug store pill variety', for example, if you take a 1000mg pill, you only get about 200mg of Vitamin C, most is lost in the "processing" of breaking down the coatings and it also is not Alive. If you can find it PURE not mixed with other things, is the best. A body having a perfect pH of 7.0 can absorb all the Vitamin C.

To Maintain Good Health

Sodium Ascorbic Solution

Ascorbic acid - 100 gm (l-ascorbic acid crystals)

baking soda - 48 gm (Sodium bicarbonate)

Water or juice to - 600 ml.

Mix the above together in a dark colored glass bottle or jug, with a sealed lid, keep mixture refrigerated.

Take 15 ml four times a day with meals to get 10,000 mg/day of ascorbic. The refrigerated solution has a shelf life of about one-month. Continue taking the mixture indefinitely. The solution has almost no taste.

To Restore & Optimize Good Health

This is a stronger pH Balanced Mixture for Optimum Health for Life.

One Teaspoon of Vitamin C Crystals (ascorbic acid crystals) & ½ Teaspoon of Baking Soda, in an 8 ounce glass of water or juice.

Take 1 Heaping Teaspoon ( 5,000 mg ) Vitamin C Crystals ( l-ascorbic acid crystals ) with one-half teaspoon ( 2,500 mg ) of baking soda ( Sodium bicarbonate ), in an 8 ounce glass of water or juice, stir mixture, ( 3 to 5 times per day = Taking One Teaspoon. Once every four hours up to 3 to 5 times per day ) or to bowl tolerance. (See Table One below for Directions)

Table One - Start with One Teaspoon (*) per day for one week.

Week One - 1\Day - In the Morning take One Teaspoon (*) for one week.

Week Two - 2\Day - In the Morning take One Teaspoon (*) - Four hours later take One Teaspoon for one week.

Week Three - 3\Day - In the Morning take One Teaspoon  - Four hours later take One Teaspoon  - four hours later take One Teaspoon for one week.

Week Four - 4\Day - In the Morning take One Teaspoon (*) - Four hours later take One Teaspoon  - four hours later, take One Teaspoon  - four hours later, take One Teaspoon for one week.

Week Five - 5\Day\Indefinitely - In the Morning take One Teaspoon  - Four hours later take One Teaspoon  - four hours later, take One Teaspoon  - four hours later, take One Teaspoon  - four hours later, take One Teaspoon ( - each day indefinitely for Optimum Health.

If at any time in the week you reach bowl tolerance, or extremely lose stools, go back to taking the previous weeks number of teaspoons and stay with that for awhile, bowl tolerance is your body telling you, that’s all it needs at that quantity right now! It takes higher quantities to reach bowl tolerance when health is poor.

You can continue taking this mixture indefinitely as well, & pre mix it together if desired, in a dark colored glass bottle or jug, with a sealed lid, keep mixture refrigerated.

Vitamin C is water-soluble; it washes out of your body’s system after about 4 hours, so take once every four hours for Optimum Health. Taken daily will help rid your body of toxins that are in your muscles and tissues. You will never catch colds, flu's etc... Also stops the advancement of imbalances in the body along with the proper foods.

The baking soda does not cancel out the Vitamin C, it simply acts as a buffer so that the pH is an acceptable level, so that the body can now absorb it and use it.

Not many people know the importance of pH balancing in the body. Most health food stores do not know what they are doing, as they have only read books that have been written by company reps to teach them to sell. The pH is everything.

Also find the book Eat Right for Your Blood Type and follow it, it does work. We have put through thousands of people and have had great success by just changing diet.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Garbage in = disease in. Good ALIVE food in, side effect = HEALTH. We have put about 16,000 people through our program in our first year. And have had excellent feedback from it.

To give you an example, we had a young couple in their 20's come in, from Norway. And they only ate fast food. He had asthma, she had chronic constipation. After 24 days of intense treatment, his asthma was GONE. She could have a normal bowel movement. They also learned how to eat REAL FOOD. They now have their own business helping people their age, learn how to get away from fast food. It changed their outlook on life.

When we have an acidic environment in the blood, the body can't heal or rest properly. All the 'symptoms' are only an outer manifestation of the inner terrain of the blood. Think of the blood as a garden and the red blood cells as plants. If we use dirty water, how will the plants grow? Years ago, we didn’t have the pollution levels we have today. And then the food was grown fresh in the back yard, not super markets. Then the food was grown with love, not profit in mind. It goes back to Basics:

Good Food
Good Air
Good Water
Good Friends

That is all that is required to live a long healthy life.

- See The pH Regulatory System of the Body for an in-depth look at the meaning & purpose of a pH Balanced Body for Optimum Health and, a Long Life for yourself and your loved ones…

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The Ph Miracle by Robert Young,

Eat Right for Your Blood Type by Dr. Adamo

These two books contain simple suggestions on how to eat healthy, and eat as much as you want, eating small meals more often helps digestion.

Follow it for at least 45 days and your life will improve.

Also see the listings of Acidic/Alkaline foods to help with meal plans.

Remember if bowl tolerance is reached using 5g's try 4 or 3grams.

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