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Benefits of Pubic Hair
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Benefits of Pubic Hair

What is the Purpose of Pubic Hair?

There are some questions in life that just don't have any real answers. This question is one of those. However, there are some things about pubic hair we do know and that’s what this article is all about. Before you decide to shave or not to shave the old muff you might want to look into the reasons for pubic hair.


This is the sign that you are entering adulthood. As a person enters puberty these hairs start to grow as the sign of the body changing. This happens in both males and females as each begin to grow into an adult.


Scientists believe that pubic hair retains sexual secretions that we know as being called pheromones. This is what attracts us to each other. The body gives off more pheromones as you sweat and those secretions are retained in the pubic hair regions.

Natural lubrication

Pubic hair is also a natural thing to protect against body friction. Rubbing of skin can irritate and hair helps to decrease this problem. It helps to protect your sensitive areas from redness caused by the skin rubbing. This could also provide a protection of possible irritation during intercourse.


Although there is no scientific data on this many believe that the pubic hair helps to stop infections from entering the body. Whether this is true or not no one really knows. It does keep out any dust or dirt that could enter the vagina. Those particles are caught in the hair and when we wash are washed out. The same would hold true for men that pubic hair would catch any dust particles from irritating the penis.

Pubic lice

This is one negative to pubic hair is that lice can develop from physical contact with someone who had it. The adult lice lay their eggs that attach to the hair shafts. They can cause itching and discomfort. Although it is easily treated by a physician it still can be annoying problem until its gone.

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